alary bonus Dukeni in the pockets of 200 workers.What is the responsibility of the state? No one took the responsibility of the workers. Acknowledging the fraud of the owner -200 workers. There is no salary-bonus, Eid-Anand is in uncertainty. There was no gain even after the protest rally.The factory is owned by Malek Bari of Gazipur, Sharifpur Road, Astro Stitch Art Ltd. under Gachha police station. The current number of workers in the factory is about 200.According to the pre-announced tripartite agreement, the salary was supposed to be paid today at 3.30 pm on 08/08/2022, but the owner has not been receiving calls for two days.Earlier, on 13/06/2022, at 11.00 am on Monday, the workers came in procession in front of the office of the Department of Factory and Establishment Inspection, Deputy Inspector General, Tongi, Gazipur and observed the sit-in program. A tripartite agreement was signed on 26/08/2022 in the presence of 10 workers and three labor leaders and factory director Emon Rahman Shishir in the presence of Assistant Deputy Inspector General, Department of Factory and Establishment Inspection, Gazipur Office, Motaleb Miah. The owner signs that he will pay the wages on the 15th day of the month on 08/08/2022 and will pay all the dues within the next 20 days of Eid. But no one, including the owners, took any visible initiative in implementing the agreement.Earlier, the workers had filed a written application with the BGMEA president, deputy commissioner-Gazipur, industrial police-2, factory department, Gazipur, concerned Gachha police station and the owner of the establishment but the workers were not allowed to protest.The workers complained that there were many labor unrests before Eid. Later, a tripartite agreement was reached regarding the payment of salaries and bonuses. The owner planned the lay-off on 14/05/2022 while the workers were on Eid leave.
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