December 16, Great Victory Day Like every year, the country’s largest labor organization Bangladesh Garments and Industrial Workers Federation celebrated the victory day with due dignity.
Tributes were paid at the martyr altar of Savar’s memorial this morning. Central and regional leaders of the organization including the central president of the organization, labor leader Rafiqul Islam Sujan, international affairs secretary Aziza Sultana, Parveen Akhtar were present.

On this day in 1971, the Pakistani army formally surrendered in Dhaka.

At that time, labor leader Rafiqul Islam Sujan said that there are various domestic and foreign conspiracies going on in this Bangladesh, which bought the blood of 30 lakh martyrs and the honor of two lakh mothers and sisters. Common people, including the working class, are suffering from uncertainty about their livelihood. Will be common people. He also said that Victory Day is a day of joy and mourning at the same time, through this celebration they dream of a new future.

On the morning of Victory Day, lakhs of people filled the altar of Savar National Memorial with flowers. In the morning, the President, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition paid floral tributes at the memorial.

Men and women of different walks of life have gathered from different areas to participate in this festival of independence.

It was seen coming and going on the streets with flags in front of cars, flags on rickshaws, red and green bands on their heads, national flags painted on their bodies, banners and flags raised, everyone is celebrating Victory Day today.
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